Rate Review

In order to ensure that insurance rates are fair to consumers and that insurance carriers stay financially solvent, OHIC reviews the prices that insurers set and the plans that they create through the annual form and rate review process. This process is a part of the office’s efforts to control premium growth faced by consumers and employers in Rhode Island.

For previous year Form and Rate Review documents please click here.

2023 Rate Review Documents:

For public access to the form and rate filings submitted on May 16th, 2022 please use the link below and enter in the SERFF Tracking numbers to access the filing. These submissions are currently under review by OHIC and are subject to change as the review process continues. Insurers filing in the individual and small group market are required to file a consumer disclosure form explaining their proposed rate increases. For access to the federal website on rate review, please visit: https://ratereview.healthcare.gov/.

RI SERFF Filings (Coverage/Plan Year 2023)

Access Rhode Island Rate Review SERFF Filings

SERFF Tracking Numbers:
2023 BCBSRI Individual Submission (Form): BCBS-133192268
2023 BCBSRI Individual Submission (Rate): BCBS-133257099
2023 BCBSRI Small Group Submission (Form): BCBS-133192284
2023 BCBSRI Small Group Submission (Rate): BCBS-133266044
2023 BCBSRI Large Group Submission (Rate): BCBS-133257152
2023 NHPRI Individual Submission (Form): NHRI-133210724
2023 NHPRI Individual Submission (Rate): NHRI-133254005
2023 NHPRI Small Group Submission (Form): NHRI-133211203
2023 NHPRI Small Group Submission (Rate): NHRI-133253960
2023 UHCNE Small Group Submission (Form): UHLC-133213195
2022 UHIC Small Group Submission (Form): UHLC-133205806

2022 UHCNE Small Group Submission (Rate): UHLC-133266083

2023 UHIC Small Group Submission (Rate): UHLC-133264794
2023 United Large Group Submission (Rate): UHLC-133251611
2023 Tufts HMO Small Group Submission (Form): THPC-133208547
2023 Tufts HMO Small Group Submission (Rate): THPC-133262514
2023 Tufts PPO Small Group Submission (Form): THPC-133208730
2023 Tufts PPO Small Group Submission (Rate): THPC-133256978
2023 Tufts Large Group Submission (Rate): THPC-133259808
2023 Aetna Large Group Submission (Rate): AETN-133227921
2023 Cigna Large Group Submission (Rate): CCGP-133245835