Health Insurance Complaints

OHIC is statutorily charged with protecting the interests of consumers of commercial health insurance.

Resolving Issues and Filing Complaints

Have a question or complaint? Our consumer assistance partner, RIPIN, can help you navigate the health care system and access the services you need. RIPIN can assist regardless of what type of health coverage you have whether or not the plan falls under OHIC’s jurisdiction.

Rhode Island Parent Information Network (RIPIN)

300 Jefferson Blvd. Suite 300, Warwick, RI 02888

401-270-0101 Or toll-free at: 1-855-747-3224

Should you wish to file a complaint directly with the Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner, please complete the attached complaint form and email the form as well as any supporting document to  or click here to file a complaint.

You may have a complaint about a health insurance plan that may not fall under OHIC’s jurisdiction. 

Please review the below resources before submitting a complaint:

Complaints Regarding the Quality of Care Received From Licensed Health Care Providers:

Complaints Regarding Medicaid or Managed Medicaid Products (for example: United Rhody or Neighborhood Rite Care type plans):

Rhode Island Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS)

Complaints Regarding Self-Funded Plans Received Through Your Employer (often offered by larger employers/companies):

U.S. Department of Labor, Boston Regional Office

JFK Federal Building

15 New Sudbury St, Rm 575

Boston, MA 02203

Tel (617) 565-9600

Fax (617) 565-9666

Complaints Regarding Medicare/Medicare Advantage (for example: United Senior or Blue Chip for Medicare):

Complaints Regarding Self-Funded, Non-Federal Governmental Plans (for example: State of Rhode Island employee plans or insurance offered through a city or municipal employer such as the City of Providence)

Complaints for All Other Insurances (i.e., life insurance, auto, long term disability, etc.)