About Us

Created in 2004, OHIC is the state's commercial health insurance policy reform and regulatory enforcement agency. The State of Rhode Island Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner Overview provides further information about the OHIC’s work.


OHIC seeks to improve health care access, affordability, and quality. The office does so as it:

  1. protects the interests of consumers of commercial health insurance,
  2. encourages fair treatment of health care providers by commercial health insurers,
  3. improves the health care system as a whole, and
  4. guards the solvency of commercial health insurers.


OHIC envisions a world where its efforts as a commercial health insurance policy reform and regulatory enforcement agency transform the Rhode Island health care system into one that is accessible, affordable, and high-quality as it improves health outcomes for all Rhode Islanders. 


All of OHIC’s activities are informed by the following values:

  • Respect: OHIC ensures that all those who interact with the office or are affected by the office’s decisions are treated with dignity.

  • Integrity: OHIC upholds the highest standards of ethical conduct as it adheres to all federal and state requirements while carrying out its statutory responsibilities.

  • Justice: OHIC advances policy reforms and takes regulatory actions that result in greater fairness.

  • Accountability: OHIC works tirelessly to live up to its commitments.

  • Collaboration: OHIC engages a wide array of stakeholders both inside and outside of government in a transparent manner to jointly achieve shared goals.


  1. Continuing to ensure that Rhode Islanders receive adequate coverage for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) testing, treatment, and care

  2. Leveraging the regulatory structure within OHIC to accelerate delivery system reform

  3. Continued implementation of the Affordability Standards

  4. Continuing to increase behavioral health care access and ensure parity between behavioral and physical health care services

  5. Advancing the statewide expansion of telehealth services

  6. Promoting transparency and accountability for health care costs


For more information about OHIC's priorities, view the Health Insurance Advisory Council 2021 Annual Report

Strategic Plan

The OHIC State Fiscal Year 2023 Strategic Plan is available to provide information on OHIC’s goals.