Reform And Policy Work - CTC-RI

Standing at the forefront of Rhode Island healthcare reform, the R.I. Care Transformation Collaborative (CTC-RI) promotes care for patients with chronic illnesses through the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model. Whereas primary care in most practices consists of 15-minute visits to screen for serious conditions, the PCMH model transforms primary care into a medical case management system that helps patients build healthier habits, keep up with regular screenings, and access specialized care quickly and easily. By using primary care as a tool to coordinate medical services and maintaining a focus on the patient as a whole, this model improves health outcomes, provides patients with better care experiences, and reduces expensive, unnecessary hospital and emergency department visits.

Rather than helping chronically ill patients by raising costs for others, CTC-RI and the PCMH model reduce costs across the board by increasing efficiency and lowering waste. Participating practices have seen fewer cost increases and a slower flow of patients coming in with urgent problems.

Due to its ongoing success, CTC-RI is expanding rapidly across the state. CTC-RI practices were among the first in the country to be recognized as medical homes of the highest quality. Now over 85,000 Rhode Islanders currently get their care from patient-centered medical homes, and the program plans to add 20 more PCMH practices each year through 2017.

To learn more about the program, or see if a PCMH might be right for you, please visit the PCMH homepage.